Camper Vans, Ex Pats and Spanish Hounds is the story of a road trip to Spain that ended up with the formation of SOS Animals UK. While travelling south with their own rescue dog, Tania Coates and Sam Morris picked up a canine hitchhiker who was going to be put to sleep if they had not decided to let him tag along. From this initial find at a service station near Madrid Tania and Sam became thrown head first into a world of Spanish hunting dogs, British ex-patriots dumping their pets and air cooled engines giving up in obscure Basque locations. Since this initial road trip in 2007 they have to date re-homed over four hundred dogs to new owners around Europe. 

Spain is the most popular holiday destination for British tourists, and the most popular destination for emigrating Brits. The book highlights the negative and positive British involvement in the Spanish stray dog problem, and also shows how the issue is being addressed by rescue organisations and volunteers. With a firsthand account of finding a sick and uncared for stray on the side of the road, and details of the specific nature of many of the Spanish breeds and hunting pastimes, this unique book reveals a little known face of British and Spanish culture with inside knowledge and insight from all levels. From the Spanish hunting culture to the British tourist culture, a chain of responsibility for the stray dog problem exists that crosses borders and societies. Included are case studies and photos of all aspects of the rescue world, showing just how much can be done with the will and motivation.

About the Authors

Tania Coates is the founder of SOS Animals UK; a not-for profit animal rescue organisation. Tania has been involved in animal rescue since the age of 18 when she worked in the Middle East helping stray dogs, volunteering at an animal shelter, and ultimately bringing two rescue dogs to the UK with her. She founded SOS Animals UK after a trip to south Spain in 2008. Since the founding of SOS Animals UK Tania has been responsible for the successful rehoming of over 400 dogs from throughout the UK and Europe, and continues the run the organization from her home in Wales. Tania is also a professional freelance photographer with a foundation in fine art photography, who has undertaken exhibitions in London, Brussels, Berlin other locations throughout the UK, and undertaken various private commissions and commercial projects.

Sam Morris is a freelance writer who's work has been published in various magazines and online publications. He manages a 7 acre smallholding in Wales following permaculture principles and works on an organic farm.

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